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Great Open Letter to Bonnie
I JUST called the Bonnie Minister of Health office, and the receptionist actually told me that Covid is not in schools and cannot be spread by children. This wasn't any sort of medical professional on the phone, just a rude lady who told me I was entitled to my opinions, then immediately tried to turn it around to the 'check the stats, kids aren't dying the most'.She then hung up on me for arguing the facts, and offering her scientific opinions. She further went on to say "Well my daughter is a teacher and she knows blah blah blah" ... and my retort, completely true and honest retort, is that 'my uncle is in fact a pharmacist and knows FAR more than your daughter'. 100% true.

So really my comment is, that when contacting the health minister, they will Not patch you through, and will argue with pretend family-declared testimonies until you are so frustrated with their lies that the end up hanging up on your for expressing an opinion which is opposite theirs.
It is disgusting.

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